Store | Waste and Recycling Workers Week | Are You Ready To Celebrate?

The week of June 17th and Waste and Recycling Workers Week will be here before you know it! Are you ready to celebrate? This year it’s easier than ever to get your very own Waste & Recycling Workers Week items through the Waste & Recycling Workers Week Store and Store Specials pages. The clock is … Read more

It’s almost here! – Waste & Recycling Workers Week – Week of June 17th

The week of celebrating Waste and Recycling Workers Week is only one month away! Celebrate the week of June 17th Show some appreciation to your Garbage Workers for all they do! Get your own Waste & Recycling Workers Week custom items from the Store Show your love and Buy the Tshirt Help us spread the word about the … Read more

Celebrate Earth Day With Us!

Mr. Squirrel wants to say “Happy Earth Day!” Waste and Recycling Workers Week supports Earth Day Let’s do our part and contribute to the global effort to make our world more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We believe that our children and the generations to come deserve to live in a healthy world. To help us … Read more

Celebrate a Small Business Owner!

March 29th is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day! Are you a small business owner? We celebrate and applaud you for your hard work and dedication! We get what you do and support you. Show your support to a small business today by shopping local. Keep the person in personal by using local services who understand … Read more

Happy Birthday, President Washington! From Waste & Recycling Workers Week

On Presidents’ Day we are not only honoring the presidents that have led our great country, but are celebrating the birthday of George Washington who founded our nation. Without him and his leadership, there would be no Presidents’ Day and no USA. Honoring Leadership and Service Just like Washington is honored on Presidents’ Day, we take … Read more

For Freedom and Peace

Those of us at Waste and Recycling Workers Week take this time to commemorate the history of Martin Luther King Jr., and the work that he did towards creating equality in America. We appreciate each and every one of you, and wish freedom and peace be yours. “Peace is not merely a distant goal that … Read more

3 (non)Wasteful Tips for this Winter

1. Enjoy the Weather Some things are out of our control. When dangerous weather conditions cause interruptions in garbage service, know that we are doing our best and will be back on schedule as soon as we can. Take this time to enjoy the wonder of weather. 2. Spread the Warmth Your garbage men and … Read more

10 Things You Never Knew About Your Garbage Man

As we go through this holiday season, we want to remember the impact that garbage workers have had on our history Did you know this respected profession goes back to at least 3000 B.C.? Here are 10 interesting things from more recent history that you may not have known about your garbage workers: 1350 A.D. … Read more

3 Ways to Appreciate Your Garbage Man During the Holidays

The Holidays are a busy time for everyone and it can be easy to overlook those who serve us year round. Always prepared, consistently there, in heat or snow, your Garbage Workers make it their job (literally) to dispose of your disposables. Why not show your appreciation to them this season? 1. Give a Gift … Read more

3 Practical Ways to Celebrate Recycling in Your Local Area

Happy America Recycles Day – November 15 It’s never too late to begin recycling in your local community.  Here are three easy and practical ways to celebrate recycling: 1. Start today The hardest part about keeping America beautiful is taking that first step! Start by recycling what you see on the ground in your community. Restore … Read more