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US Tarp | Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

Tarp Systems for Any Application Headquartered in South Haven, MI, US TarpĀ® designs, manufactures, and distributes load containment and cargo protection tarping systems, controls, and tarps for commercial vehicle applications. The US TarpĀ® design team develops automated and manual systems for custom applications in the Construction & Landscaping, Agriculture & Specialty, and the Recycling & … Read more

John the Baptist Blvd | Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

Demanding Recognition for Positive Figures in History We live in a world where kindness and morality have taken a backseat to profit and politics. John the Baptist Boulevard started as a movement in Jacksonville, Florida in hopes of inspiring citizens and neighbors to do better, be better and choose to live a life driven by … Read more

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Keeping Space Clean from Orbiting Junk Space Waste Solutions is dedicated to keeping space clean from orbiting junk, waste, and garbage while driving innovation to meet the emerging needs of waste management and recycling in space development. From the beginning of the space race we have been launching objects into orbit around the earth that … Read more

Let’s Tale Out the Trash | Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

Take Out the Trash! Let’s Take Out the Trash is an initiative meant to be spread with pride and valor across the many aspects of the Sanitation Industry. It was started to bring credit and appreciation to our blue collar workers in our local communities. When do we scream #takeoutthetrash? When we sack their quarterback, … Read more

North Florida Marine Construction | Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

Quality Construction for all your Deck and Dock Needs At North Florida Marine Construction, they handle all marine construction repairs projects as if they were their own. They are one of the few design, permit and build marine contractors in the state of Florida. North Florida Marine Construction has an in house commercial permit department … Read more

Toney’s Place | Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

Best Wilderness Retreat & Preserve in North Florida Toney’s Place is the ideal location to stop and smell the wildflowers. Their guest are invited to explore over 10 miles of trails, fish in their picturesque ponds, and watch the free-roaming wildlife that calls the preserve their home. Whether you come with a school group, corporate … Read more

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Freedom from Alcohol and Drug Addiction Get Off Drugs and eHome Counseling Group have created an incredible, comprehensive addiction treatment program that rivals the best that is currently available. They help you break the alcohol and drug addiction cycle, freeing you from the suffering of substance use disorder and allowing you to live a balanced, … Read more

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Disposal Services for the I-95 Corridor From Miami, FL to Bangor, ME, when you need waste services you can count on, you need I-95 Disposal Services. I-95 Disposal Services proudly delivers waste and demolition services along the East Coast, including: Roll Off Dumpsters Commercial Dumpsters Compactors Portable Toilets Demolition Services Curbside Collection Landfill Services Waste … Read more

Pee Pistol | Waste and Recycling Workers Week Sponsor

An Organic Alternative to Pepper Spray Pee Pistol harnesses the power of nature by utilizing all natural, organic fox urine. The pungent odor of fox urine is a natural, non-lethal alternative for self-defense. Pee Pistol is effective against people and small animals. Safe, Portable Protection How can a non-toxic, non-lethal product provide protection for you, your … Read more

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Quality Dumpster Manufacturing American Made Dumpsters is owned and operated by a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the waste and equipment rental industry. They know what works in the field, what rental customers are looking for and the value of a quality product. They have taken this knowledge and experience and … Read more