Top Initiatives

Annual Celebration

Every year, we invite the world to join us in a week long celebration recognizing the hard work and dedication shown by the men and women of the waste and recycling industry.

The week of June 17 has been designated as the annual event for all waste companies, cities, towns, and states to come together to celebrate and show appreciation for our Waste and Recycling workers. We have compiled free resources and ideas to help you get started.

One of our goals as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is to increase the reach and impact of this celebration each year. We invite you to join the celebration and show appreciation for the waste and recycling workers in your community.

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Counseling Resources and Services

Waste & Recycling Workers Week has partnered with eHome Counseling to provide confidential, convenient, virtual counseling to individuals in the waste and recycling industry who may be experiencing stressful circumstances impacting their health and mental wellbeing. Discover the freedom of confidential, virtual counseling that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

The goal of this partnership is to ensure all the men and women in our industry have access to the care they need and deserve. Waste and Recycling Workers Week will cover the co-pay for any current waste and recycling worker who seeks treatment. Simply provide the referral code WRWWCares.

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Commemorative Stamp

The US Postal Service welcomes suggestions for stamp subjects that celebrate the American experience and all proposals that meet the established criteria are considered for publication.

Our team created a Waste & Recycling Workers Week stamp which was submitted to the United States Postal Service in November 2021 for consideration. It is currently under review.

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WRWW Coloring Book

Advocacy & Education

Waste & Recycling Workers Week provides educational resources and tools for elementary age children and community organizations. These materials talk about the importance of recycling and reusing to reduce pollution and waste as well as the important role sanitation workers have in keeping out communities safe, clean and healthy.

These educational tools can be downloaded for free. We encourage you to take advantage of these free materials and share them with others in your community.

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Space Waste

Since the beginning of space travel, we have been launching objects out into orbit all around the earth. Everything from satellites used for communications, mapping, weather forecasting and GPS tracking on earth to the booster rockets used to launch spacecrafts has been sent up to space, where it has been left ever since.

These devices all have limited lifespans and have created an abundance of debris orbiting the earth from government and commercial sources. It is time to start addressing the problem with a safe and responsible solution.

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