Change Makers

Companies that Make a Difference

We are excited to announce the Waste & Recycling Workers Week - Change Makers! Here we celebrate the companies, large and small, making a difference and providing an excellent service at the local level. These waste management providers, serving our communities day in and day out, deserve to be recognized and thanked for their contribution to keeping our world clean.

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Waste Connections Inc. honors – Ricardo Estrada

How a WCI Trash Truck Driver Became a Hero this Week. Our Las Cruces, NM driver Ricky was servicing a commercial dumpster in his 20 ton trash truck. He set the container back down and was about to back away from the container. He checked the driver side mirror and was in the process of … Read more

Jackie Robinson was Inspired by a Garbage Man!

Jackie Robinson was the first Black American to join baseball’s major league in 1947 as a prominent member of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson’s belief in equality gave him the chance to bring the message to America and the world that race should not be a consideration for anything. It’s hard to believe that American sports … Read more

John A. Grosso III – RJ Waste & Recovery    Charlotte, NC

John A. Grosso III Operations Manager RJ Waste & Recovery    Charlotte, NC   National Garbage Day Man would like to say, “Thank You” for the excellent leadership you’ve given to the men and women of the waste industry. Through your support we are able to reach new heights. James & Ruth Contreras of RJ Recovery … Read more

John McLaughlin – Men for Missions International and OMS International

John McLaughlin John McLaughlin did not plan a career in the waste industry. He started working on the family farm as a child and was the first in his family to graduate from college becoming a radio and television broadcaster. During his broadcasting career at the University of Nebraska, he was innovative in using the … Read more

Mike Knaub – Toys for Tots

Mike Knaub Mike Knaub began his career in the waste industry as a helper at the family business his grandfather started in 1915. In 1979, he joined Rubbermaid Applied Products as the midwest regional manager for roll-off refuse/recycling containers. When Schaefer Systems International formed a new regional team in 1991, he became the company’s midwest … Read more

Richard “Red” Gagnon – NSWMA

Richard “Red” Gagnon In 1958, Richard Gagnon accepted his first job in the waste industry as a helper on a truck for B. Ledger & Son, a company his father purchased in 1968. Three years later, he was a 10 percent owner and soon the operations manager. In 1972, when the company was sold to … Read more

Jerry Schwartz – “Schwartz is my name, garbage is my game”

Jerry Schwartz Jerry Schwartz began his waste industry career in 1968 as Publisher of Solid Waste Management magazine. in 1980, he joined NSWMA as the Publisher of Waste Age magazine. Within 18 months, he had captured 75 percent of the advertising targeting the waste industry and created the dominant trade magazine for the waste industry. … Read more

Steven Krause – CEO of Krause Corp.

Steven Krause Steven Krause is the Chairman and CEO of Krause Corp., a company his grandfather founded in the 1960’s. He began working for the company as a teenager and then served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1970 in the 1st Cavalry Division during the Vietnam War. When Krause returned, he earned a … Read more

Mickey Flood – Flow Control Task Force

Mickey Flood From 1976 to 1984, Mickey Flood was employed with SCA Services, leaving company as a Regional Vice President. In 1986, he became the President of Laidlaw’s U.S. Operations, and in 1989, he became a Regional Vice President and later Group President of Waste Management, Inc. His greatest accomplishment was putting the right people … Read more

Jim Cosman – Doing Things Better, LLC

Jim Cosman Jim Cosman started his professional life as a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs. He became a garbage truck driver for BFI in 1972. Within three years, he was a District Manager for BFI. Later he became Regional Vice President for BFI. In 1997, he becamethe President adn COO for … Read more