John McLaughlin – Men for Missions International and OMS International

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin did not plan a career in the waste industry. He started working on the family farm as a child and was the first in his family to graduate from college becoming a radio and television broadcaster. During his broadcasting career at the University of Nebraska, he was innovative in using the TV network to teach farmers the latest agriculture technology. He returned to the farm in 1971, when he co-founded Scranton Manufacturing, Inc. making livestock feeding and handling equipment. In the 1980s, he diversified the product line by acquiring the New Way line of refuse trucks and then built a network of dealers throughout the U.S. Today, the company manufactures front, rear, and automated side loaders, satellite and recycling bodies, and has expanded its facilities by over 50 percent. Recently, he acquired K-PAC compactors. He serves on the boards of Men for Missions International and OMS International, where he has helped build churches in South America and teach business ethics in Russia. To increase missionary work, he led a team of people and built a radio broadcast center near Cap-Haitian, Haiti.