Waste Connections Inc. honors – Ricardo Estrada

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How a WCI Trash Truck Driver Became a Hero this Week.

Our Las Cruces, NM driver Ricky was servicing a commercial dumpster in his 20 ton trash truck. He set the container back down and was about to back away from the container. He checked the driver side mirror and was in the process of turning his head to the other mirror when he saw something streak through the mirror out of the corner of his eye. He turned back to the driver side mirror but could see nothing. He checked all mirrors and still could see nothing. Ricky thought a cat ran under the truck. He set the brake and put the truck in neutral. He accelerated the engine hoping the noise would scare the cat away. Ricky still saw nothing. Something told Ricky there was something not quite right. He got out of the truck and walked down the driver side to look around. Ricky looked between the rear dual tires and a little girl, Ricky guesses was about 3 years old, says “BOO”. FROM BETWEEN THE DUALS! I think Ricky said it best, “their lives could have been changed in an instant”.

There was a man nearby who Ricky assumed was the father. Ricky in whatever words and motions he could get together gestured to the man. The girl ran over to him and the man proceeded to scold her. Ricky pulled himself together enough to operate the truck. The mobile home park manager was now present and Ricky asked him to keep an eye on the little girl was now running around the park.

Our driver, Ricardo Estrada trusted his instincts, took an extra moment just to make sure and in doing so, saved a little girl’s life…and became our hero. This one reason why Safety is our #1 Operating Value.