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The men and women of the waste management industry work hard all year to process, filter, and recycle over 250 million tons of garbage. They keep our neighborhoods, cities, and environment safe and clean. The week of June 17th is time for us to come together and collectively show our appreciation. We’ve compiled some resources and ideas to help your city join the celebration in recognition of sanitation workers in your area.

Ideas for Celebrating Waste and Recycling Workers Week

Issue a Proclamation

Declare June 17 as Waste and Recycling Workers Week in your city with an official Proclamation. We’ve provided a downloadable template to help get you started.

Here are additional examples from some of the cities that have issued proclamations for Waste & Recycling Workers Week:

Jacksonville, Florida 2016Prince William, VirginiaRussell County, KentuckyJacksonville, Florida 2013

Create a Public Service Announcement

Produce a Public Service Announcement to air locally to raise awareness for the impact the men and women of the waste management industry have on the health and safety of the community. Invite local television and radio personalities to assist in the effort by reading  your script on air. Here are some downloadable scripts you can tailor for use in your community.

Plan a BBQ

Consider providing lunch for the sanitation workers in your city and offices. Invite local companies and organizations to get involved by sponsoring the event or providing food for the celebration. Visit our News & Updates page to read about how other areas celebrate.

Post a Thank You card or Poster

Place a large poster or card in the lobby of a city building or public library so citizens, visitors and employees can sign it during the week prior to Waste and Recycling Workers Week. Alternatively, provide materials for community members to make their own cards that can be personalized then collected (this is a great way to involve younger individuals in the conversation). Have the signed poster or cards on hand when your city issues a Waste & Recycling Workers Week proclamation then display them in a prominent place during the week of June 17.

Buy a Waste & Recycling Workers Week Tshirt

We’re happy to offer tshirts for sale sporting the Waste & Recycling Workers Week logo. They are available in children’s, men’s and women’s sizes. Get yours today or order for the whole office with our bulk order form.

Share on Facebook

“Like” us on Facebook for fun photos to share to your wall and remind everyone about the sanitation workers in our area who deserve thanks for all they do.

Free Badges for your website

Spread the word about the week of June 17th being Waste and Recycling Workers Week by displaying a badge on your website. We’ve made it easy to spread the word. Simply visit our Web Badges page to get everything you need to add an embed a graphic on your website.

Let us know how you celebrate!

We would love to know how you choose to celebrate the garbage workers in your city. Please leave us a comment or "Like" us on Facebook and leave us a message there. Tell us how your city recognized Waste and Recycling Workers Week and be sure to leave us links to any news coverage so we can pass along your city's celebration. Who knows, your way of celebrating this year may give someone else an idea for how to show their support in the future.

Thank you for joining us in this week of appreciation!