American Disposal Services Cares

“I want to change people’s view on recycling and leave something for future generations” Anthony C-R. from Dominion High School in Sterling, Virginia. Anthony Build upon by spearheading a project to build a school greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles and was awarded one of this year American Disposal Services, Inc. Scholarships. #scholarshipwinner #scholarships #ihaveadream#proudmoment #recycling

American Disposal Services – Waste & Recycling Workers Week – Recap!

Waste & Recycling Workers Week – Recap! On June 22nd, 2018, ADSI celebrated Waste and Recycling Workers Week. Learn about our dedicated team and how we thanked them in our latest blog post. Read more How often do you think about your garbage? Probably only when it stinks or you’re dragging it outside to be … Read more