Waste Management

Waste Management says, Bad recycling habits create garbage

JOLIET – Lots of stuff gets sorted out at the recycling center between the plastic, paper and glass – but not everything. Cardboard contaminated by food remnants has to be thrown away. Plastic shopping bags that shouldn’t be in there have to be cut away from recycling machinery. Workers cutting away the plastic bags at … Read more

Arizona chapter of SWANA

Arizona chapter of SWANA generously donated $5,000 to help Waste Management employees recover from the recent hurricanes. The outpouring of support from WM partners has been incredibly touching. This industry has heart!

The Garbage Man and the Kid – SNOHOMISH, Washington

A big green truck comes rumbling through the neighborhood in Snohomish, belching air and exhaling hydraulics and making all sorts of noise. And every single Friday, Katie Greiert and her little guy Logan walk outside to watch. Logan has blond hair and he was holding a red bag of M&M’s. He was wearing a green … Read more

Home Based Houston Waste Company Suspends Service

Waste Management has suspended service in the Houston area because of Tropical Storm Harvey. While the company’s local facilities, including landfills, weren’t damaged during the storm, flooded roads have prevented trucks from collecting trash.

WM Couch-to-5K program is a Hit

Motivation for movement For years, Waste Management has had a wellness program that offers on-site biometrics screenings and guidance from regional “wellness champions,” allowing for even the busiest employees to maintain a healthy regimen despite work schedules. “We do have some positions that are very strenuous on the body. We have positions where they’re more sedative, … Read more

Waste Management, Inc.

Waste Management, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated environmental solutions in North America. Waste Management is a leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions services in North America, serving more than 21 million customers in the U.S. and Canada. As part of our strategy, we are committed to developing new waste solutions that can help communities … Read more

Puneet Bhasin, WM Former CIO Leads New Garbage Truck Technology

Puneet Bhasin, WM former CIO Leads New Garbage Truck Technology Waste Management’s Puneet Bhasin was promoted above the chief information officer role earlier this year without a successor named. He became Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations and President of Waste Management Recycle America. Two of the company’s vice presidents are jointly running IT, reporting to the chief financial … Read more