Rumpkee, Celebrates Waste & Recycling Workers Week 2024


Get ready to celebrate Waste and Recycling Workers Week by giving a big shoutout and some love to the unsung heroes of our neighborhoods – our waste and recycling workers! 

These hardworking individuals play a vital role in keeping our communities clean and green. So, let’s roll up our sleeves (or rather, tie up those trash bags) and find out how we can make this year’s celebration extra special. 

1. Write a Thank You Note


Show your appreciation for your waste and recycling drivers by leaving them a thank you note on the carts. While saying “thank you” is a great way to express gratitude, writing a note is something tangible that they’ll be able to keep with them. You can also get creative and grab some sidewalk chalk and write a big, “Thank you!” on the pavement or concrete. 

2. Spread the Word on Social Media 

Of course, social media is an excellent platform for spreading awareness about important causes like Waste and Recycling Workers Week. You can post pictures or videos expressing gratitude for your drivers. 

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3. Treat Them to Refreshments


On this special occasion, surprise your drivers with some refreshments to keep them going throughout their busy day! If it’s hot out, leave out coolers filled with cold beverages or prepare snacks like granola bars as tokens of appreciation when they swing by your home or business. 

4. Celebrate Their Hard Work Year-Round


While Waste and Recycling Workers Week is celebrated the week of June 17th, to truly honor these dedicated individuals, we should acknowledge their hard work throughout the year.

Make it a habit to give them friendly waves when they pass by or leave small tokens of appreciation regularly such as handwritten thank you notes.

Remember that every little act of kindness counts when celebrating our hardworking workers who play such an essential role in keeping our communities clean and green.

5. Keep Out Harmful Waste

Waste and recycling workers play a crucial role in keeping our communities clean and green. However, their job can be dangerous due to improperly prepared/disposed materials. 

Broken Glass

Sharp shards of glass can easily cut through trash bags or puncture garbage cans, causing injuries when the workers handle them. To prevent this, wrap broken glass in newspaper or place it in a sturdy box before throwing it away.

Chemicals & Hazardous Substances

Chemicals and hazardous substances are a huge concern to workers and the environment. Items such as paint thinners, pesticides and cleaning agents should never be disposed of in regular household waste. Reach out to your local solid waste district for proper disposal options. 

Needles & Syringes

Sharp objects such as needles and syringes should never be thrown directly into the trash without proper precautions. Place items in puncture-resistant containers, seal shut and labeled sharps. 

6. Slow Down to Get Around

If you see a trash or recycling truck stopped, slow down and look for workers around the truck. Stop if necessary, to allow workers to do their jobs before attempting to pass the truck. Avoid distractions when driving like texting, talking on the cell phone, changing the radio station or programming a GPS – this is especially important while driving near a waste collection truck.

Let’s Show Our Gratitude

The dedication of our waste and recycling workers to keep our communities clean deserves recognition and gratitude. Waste and Recycling Workers Week is an opportunity to show these essential workers how much we appreciate them. So, let’s take the time to thank them and show our appreciation, and also use this week as an opportunity to spread awareness about the important work done by waste and recycling workers. Encourage others to do the same, and together we can all show our gratitude towards our workers.

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