3 Practical Ways to Celebrate Recycling in Your Local Area


Happy America Recycles Day – November 15

It’s never too late to begin recycling in your local community.  Here are three easy and practical ways to celebrate recycling:

1. Start today

The hardest part about keeping America beautiful is taking the first step to do so!  Start by recycling what you see on the ground in your community.  Restore the recycling bin you have lying around your house and begin using it as it was meant to be used.  Not only will you be helping the earth, but you’ll save room in your trash can!

2. Get educated

Ignorance shouldn’t have to be an excuse not to recycle.  Learn about what to recycle and where to recycle it at earth911.com/recycling.

3. Join the celebration

Connect with an America Recycles Day event near you!  Visit americarecyclesday.org to view all locations.

Photo credit: epSos.de via flickr

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