3 (non)Wasteful Tips for this Winter

3 Tips for Winter - Waste and Recycling Workers Week

1. Enjoy the Weather

Some things are out of our control. When dangerous weather conditions cause interruptions in garbage service, know that we are doing our best and will be back on schedule as soon as we can. Take this time to enjoy the wonder of weather.

2. Spread the Warmth

Your garbage men and women are committed to what they do, even in ice cold circumstances. Surprise them with a hot chocolate, coffee, or even some warm gloves.

3. Stay Safe

Driving large vehicles in freezing conditions can be dangerous. Make sure children are away from the road when your garbage men and women are expected to be on your street. Ice can make it difficult to stop quickly if needed. Also, make sure your garbage is properly stored and ready for pick up so your drivers don’t have increased difficulty making your pickup.

From your friends at Waste and Recycling Workers Week, we ask that you enjoy the weather, keep warm, and stay safe this winter.

Photo: gt8073a via Flickr

1 thought on “3 (non)Wasteful Tips for this Winter”

  1. Thanks for the information. I really don’t want to be a wasteful person, so I’m definitely going to follow your tips. I especially like the one about “spreading the warmth”; one of these days, I’m definitely going to bring the garbage man a cup of hot chocolate. Thanks for the genius idea!


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