413 Dumpster Rental™ and Waste Services

413 Dumpster Rental™ and Waste Services is a local leader in local waste removal. 413 Dumpster™ is a locally owned, father and son company that offers waste removal services with the best rates possible and the biggest emphasis on exceptional customer service. Headquartered at 6 West State St., in Granby, MA, 413 Dumpster™ provides an independent alternative to waste removal and recycling needs through Western Massachusetts.

413 Dumpster, Inc., has been in the waste industry since 2008. Our highly trained drivers, state of the art equipment, and customer care team at our call center is looking forward to helping you find solutions for your residential or commercial waste removal needs. We always offer the lowest price we can, never have any hidden fees, and strive to go above and beyond for every customer who uses our services.