6 Yard Front Load & Rear Load, Self-Contained Compactors | Jacksonville, Florida

Equipment Type: Compactor

Company: American Made Dumpsters
Contact: John at (904) 305-7534

Basic Features of Compacting Dumpsters:

– Operation of the Outdoor Compactor is Safe & Simple
– Keylock Controls to help prevent unauthorized use (or unsafe operation)
– Safety Interlock system on the loading door
– Controls are UL Listed and the compactor meets or exceeds ANSI & OSHA standards
– Very Large Hopper for accepting trash (Approximately 1 cubic yard)
– 4 easy steps: 1) Open loading door; 2) Deposit trash; 3) Close door; 4) Push the button
– The low 'Loading Height' of only 40" is very user-friendly
– Can accept dry or wet waste due to Leak Proof & Liquid Tight Design (up to 40")
– Compaction Force provides a reduction ratio of about 4 or 5 to 1 (on typical trash profiles)