8 Yard Front Load Dumpster | Jacksonville, Florida

Equipment Type: Front Load Dumpster

Company: American Made Dumpsters
Contact: Maria Reeves at (904) 626-3701

Call Maria 904-626-3701 or email at [email protected] And I will be Happy to speak to you! šŸ™‚
American Made Dumpster offers front loading containers in 4 sizes (2, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards) and 4 styles (standard, notchback, slant, and recycle).

Front Load Dumpster Specs;

Walls ā€“ 12 gauge material (with ā€œVā€ crimps)
Sleeves ā€“ 7 gauge pressed steel with non-step cover
Bumper Plate ā€“ 3/8ā€x4ā€x18ā€ flat bar
Bottom ā€“ 10 gauge material
Lids ā€“ Polyethylene double wall and ribbed construction
Side Doors ā€“ Sliding style. 14 gauge material
Drain ā€“ 1 1/2ā€ pipe coupling
Paint ā€“ All containers primed and painted (enamel)
100% weld inside, skip weld outside
Weight of container, 1100 pounds