American Disposal Cares – August is Water Quality Month!

This month is dedicated to education and emphasizing the importance of water, its quality and threat of pollutants. Water sustains all forms of life, all over the planet.August is the last month of summer and chance to squeeze in a vacation before school starts back and the cooler weather of Fall begins. While you enjoy this warm weather and water activities around it, consider the impact you can make on water quality.

Water Quality Month

What can I do? 

Start with your home. There are little changes you can make that will have a large impact on water quality just in your daily routine and home life. Consider changing your soaps from anti-bacterial to regular soap and swapping out certain cleaning products. Most anti-bacterial soaps and cleaning products contain pesticides and chemicals that are known to harm marine life.

Engage with your community.There are many local groups in your area that advocate for water quality. There are also groups that don’t primarily focus on water but their initiatives ultimately effect and support water quality. For example, Keep America Beautiful provides guidance in coordinating community clean ups. Removing debris or “trash” from roads and walkways keeps our storm drains clean, as these drains do lead to local waterways. Volunteer your time at a community clean this month!

Continue to educate yourself. There are many books, blogs, podcasts, websites and social media outlets in which you can find information to make a positive impact on water quality.  Below are some leading outlets where you can find more information today.

Here at American Disposal Services Inc., we have start a campaign to reduce plastic bag use to protect our sea life. We refer to this educational campaign as Save the Sea Life and use #PlasticBagProblems on social media to assist in finding more information and supporting organizations. This campaign shares the devastating effects of plastic bag use to our sea life. If you are interested in supporting our educational campaign reach out to our Marketing Team to collect your very own Save the Sea Life Reusable Bag!

Save The Sea Life Bag