Andy Crawford – EIA’s Investment Committee

Felix A. Crawford

Felix Crawford entered the waste industry in 1971 when Industrial America asked him to straighten out a troubled waste company in Orlando, Florida.  When that company was sold, he worked for the new company, Waste Resources, for a while and then bought a small waste hauler with 6 trucks.  Nineteen years later, his company, Southland Waste Systems, was worth about $38 million.  In 1995, Mr. Crawford became one of the first to merge his company into Republic Services.  After his non-compete ended in 2000, he founded his current company, Advanced Disposal Services. Mr. Crawford and his wife started a foundation to help build an early literacy program for pre-K children. He is an active member of NSWMA.  He served on the Board of Governors and the EIA Board of Trustees. Mr. Crawford now serves on EIA’s Investment Committee.