Austrian waste and recycling firm, aimed at being the Uber of the Waste Industry

Austrian waste and recycling firm, Saubermacher, has launched a new 24/7 service on its digital platform aimed at being the Uber of the skip hire industry.

Developed in just 9 months, brought to the market in September 2016, the developers said that now offers the most extensive 24/7 coverage for any construction site or waste disposal company in Austria – all without owning a single vehicle.

The new digital service that allows construction companies to easily organise disposal of their waste with complete transparency. It is said to offer a faster service and higher quality. Process costs for construction firms are reduced and market entry to Germany is is underway.

The company explained that the geofencing platform integrates customers and suppliers quickly and easily via smartphones and offers the benefits of a state-of-the-art online service, such as communication in real time, complete transparency and key figures at the press of a button.

The proprietary development for Android and iOS is, for the time being, only available to the construction sector.

Customers can monitor vehicles in real time on the map or give quality ratings. The core functionalities of the service are an IT platform and an app, one for end users and one for disposal partners.

According to the developers the partner concept ensures that has the largest fleet of disposal vehicles in Austria.

“A major advantage for our customers is the savings that they can make on process costs, which depending on the size of the company, can run to hundreds or thousands of hours every year,” explained Ralf Mittermayr, Speaker of the Executive Board, CMO of Saubermacher AG. “For customers, there are no additional costs, waste disposal costs are the same as before”.

The waste management partners are said to benefit from a modern application without any development risk and a better utilisation.

Protecting the Environment
Orders are sent to the nearest vehicles. Around 600,000 journeys are made in Austria every year, delivering and collecting skips.

“Climate protection is a joint project in which all Austrian companies can take part. The economy and the environment profit from that. This app is an ideal example of that because it enables great CO2 savings,” commented Minister Rupprechter.

The company added that the online service undergoes continuous development according to customer requirements. New releases are made available at monthly intervals.

“Both the construction and the waste management industries need to take advantage of the options offered by digitization in order to remain successful in a globalised world. We are headed in the right direction with digital innovations such as,” said Hans-Werner Frömmel, President of the Federal Guild of Construction, on the Styrian innovation which cuts costs and increases efficiency.

Saubermacher said it is pursuing two distinct directions. “On the one hand, we want to expand from Austria and conquer the European market,” said Hans Roth.

The compant added that the first step has already been taken. Contracts have recently been concluded with two partner companies that will allow to launch on the German market.

“We want to offer new services that go beyond disposal. We are already developing functions in the field of supply logistics and will begin offering the new service in autumn,” explained CEO Ralf Mittermayr.