Be Safe Tuesday: Backing Dangers

Following on the heels of 2015, backing vehicles continue to be a leading cause of fatal injuries in the waste industry to date in 2016.  Three fatal incidents have occurred at landfills in NY, MO and MD since the beginning of February, exemplify the danger of backing vehicles, especially in the high traffic areas of post-collection sites.

  • Avoid backing whenever possible.
  • Plan ahead as not to put yourself in a position where you must back.
  • When parking, if you must back, back first.
  • G.O.A.L. – Get out and Look.
  • Camera systems & presence sensing technology can improve driver visibility and reduce blind spots.
  • If you must back, sound your horn before moving.
  • If you must back, move slowly, covering the brake, checking mirrors & camera monitors.

Never back a rear-load trash truck with a rider on the rear step.

Consistent and frequent training, behavioral observations and coaching are critical to improving driver improving driver performance.  Practical exercises and scenario based training will improve understanding and reinforce correct behavior on the road.