Be Safe Tuesday: Distractions

Distractions are everywhere in the workplace.  Identifying the hazards that they present can be difficult.  Here are 2 types of distractions and how you can manage the hazards, so you will be able to work safely and more productively.

    • Hazard:  Noises around you — There are many and always present.
      • Sharp or startling equipment noises
      • Competing sounds at same time: alarms, talking, equipment, traffic
      • Constant loud noises
    • Solution:
      • Protect your ears by wearing hearing protection
      • If you can’t hear the hazards, then you must use your other senses.
        • Look around for vehicles or objects moving around you
      • Make eye contact with the vehicle operator or driver
        • Feel the weight of the object by pushing against it, before attempting to lift it.
  • MULTI-TASKING:  Research has proven that it is a myth.  We can’t do it.  Our brains can only focus on one task at a time.
    • Hazard:  Driving or operating equipment while:
      • Reading map directions
      • Texting
      • Talking on the cell phone or to a passenger
    • Solution:
      • Plan your route and make calls before you start a task
      • Turn off all mobile devices, so it won’t ring, beep, or alert

While some distractions can’t be eliminated, the use of cell phones, should never be used while performing a work task.  Safety requires 100% of our attention each and every day.