Be Safe Tuesday: Operation Safe Drive

The purpose of the riding step on rear loading refuse trucks is to allow personnel efficient mounting/dismounting of the truck during the collection of roadside waste containers.  While convenient, use of the riding step is potentially dangerous, especially if the truck is placed in reverse.

In 2015, at least two waste industry personnel have been killed resulting from falling from the riding step of a rear load truck while the truck was backing up.

When in reverse, the area of the riding step is only a few feet from and directly in the path of the truck’s wheels.  A person falling into this area is very likely to be run over by the truck.  Keep yourself and your co-workers safe:

  • DO NOT ride on the rear step when the truck is in reverse.
  • DO NOT attempt to mount or dismount the truck while it is moving.

See the ANSI Z245.1 – 2012 (PA) Mobile Wastes and Recyclable Materials Collection, Transportation, and Compaction Equipment – Safety Requirements standard for additional information.

Operation Drive Safe