Be Safe Tuesday: Operation Safe Driver


This is Thanksgiving week, when 40 million people across the U.S. hit the road, schools are out and retail areas are at their most congested.  All of these factors contribute to distracted and fatigued driving.  Regardless of whether you are finishing the grocery list, heading to a family gathering, or maneuvering work equipment in neighborhoods and around distracted shoppers, please remember these safety practices:

  • Never text while driving
  • Be alert for distracted and fatigued drivers
  • Watch out for extra congestion in retail areas on Black Friday and through the weekend
  • Use extra caution in slowing down on leaf-covered, wet and icy roads
  • Check mirrors and cameras
  • Use turn signals
  • Wear a safety belt
  • Watch out for pedestrians and children who are out of school and distracted holiday shoppers

Thank you for making it a safer holiday for you, your family and everyone around you!