Be Safe Tuesdays: Safety for Temporary Workers, Contractors and Customer

Be Safe Tuesdays:  Safety for Temporary Workers, Contractors and Customer

A contractor & visitor safety program is critical to operating a safe landfill, transfer station and/or MRF.  These sites create an environment where the general public and temporary workers are brought into waste & recycling industry environment with potential exposure to heavy mobile equipment, moving material and congested traffic/working areas.

  • A traffic management plan will help communicate to everyone working at and visiting the site, the safe and efficient flow of pedestrians, trucks and equipment.
  • Minimize the number of people on the tipping floor.  Drivers should stay within 6 feet of their vehicles at all times.  No riders on the outside of the vehicles.
  • Require high visibility clothing on tipping floors and in other high risk/traffic areas.
  • Functional reverse alarms, camera systems and proximity detectors on all mobile equipment.
  • No scavenging from the trash is permitted – ever!