Celebrate Waste & Recycling Workers Every Day (and Night)

Celebrate Waste & Recycling Workers Every Day (and Night)

Another Waste and Recycling Workers Week has come and gone. We hope you enjoyed celebrating, sharing gratitude and educating kids about the service your neighborhood sanitation workers provide. We know no community stays safe, happy and clean without the service of outstanding waste and recycling workers and all the support staff in the sanitation industry.

For the Love of Garbage Trucks

If your kids loved celebrating Waste and Recycling Workers Week and are garbage truck fans, you need to check out these custom garbage truck beds.

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Sleep in Style

Featuring tool-free assembly, cabinet-grade wood and low to no VOC paints, these children’s garbage truck beds are custom designs and made by hand. Each bed is full customized. With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, lights, and sirens, the only limit is your imagination.

These custom truck beds are made from the highest quality materials with durability in mind. Just as importantly, each custom bed is an individualized labor of love. In the words of the creator of these custom garbage truck beds:

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Find out how you can own a custom built bed!

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