City of High Point waste truck driver makes day special for Aaron Fielding

HIGH POINT N.C. — Aaron Fielding makes a point to go outside every Wednesday morning.  It’s trash day and there’s someone he needs to see.

As the city’s garbage truck rolls up the road, Aaron runs outside to wave.  Driver Jamie Coleman will usually honk his horn, but this week he brought something a little more.

Last week Coleman decided he was going to get a gift for the little boy and another neighborhood kid who also waves at him.  Little did he know Aaron was planning the same thing.

Aaron’s mother, also named Jamie, says they made some holiday treats to give to the garbage truck driver.  When Aaron ran outside with the sweets, Coleman told him he had a surprise, too.  He brought the little boy a toy garbage truck, something he knew he would like.

“I used to do the same thing,” Coleman says. “Sit on the side of the road, blow the horns.  I’m sure that’s what they were doing. They enjoy trucks and I do, too!”

It was an unexpected gesture from both sides.

“It almost brings you to tears because you don’t know what the family might be going through that year,” Coleman tells.  “And i just felt the gesture – I wanted to do it for him and be kind.”

Coleman has worked with the City of High Point for 18 years. Last year the city says he also went above and beyond his duties at when he helped a resident who had fallen in her driveway and needed medical attention.  Coleman called for help and waited with the woman until EMS arrived.