City of Tuscaloosa Honors Garbage Workers

Garbage Man Appreciation Week to Be Recognized by the City of Tuscaloosa

ESD Mission and Banner (1)The City of Tuscaloosa Environmental Services Department will recognize Garbage Man Appreciation Day throughout the week of June 13-17.

The day of recognition, held annually on June 17 as part of a national campaign, will highlight the importance of waste management professionals while showing gratitude for these hard-working men and women in the City of Tuscaloosa.

City of Tuscaloosa Environmental Services interim director Stacy Vaughn said,

The work these employees do impacts the entire city. That work is often overlooked because most garbage, trash, recycling and litter collection happens when people are at work or at school or still asleep.

Solid waste collection is consistently one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Our employees work in and around traffic, operate heavy machinery and get close to hazardous material, and do so in extreme temperatures.

Tuscaloosa residents are encouraged to leave “thank you” notes or cold beverages for their respective solid waste collection workers throughout the week of June 13-17 to show appreciation for these dedicated individuals.

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