Computer Technicians Are Sanitation Workers Too…

Computer Technicians are Saination too….

Hold down the Ctrl, Alt and Delete button on your computer keyboard all at once and what happens? Most likely your computer shuts down and reboots. This is a nifty trick that even the most technologically inept person knows, but computer technicians know not only this trick but also how to be a garbage man. These tech gurus trash or delete everything from viruses to obsolete materials and software from your desktops. They are the trash men on the information technology world. Their duties however, don’t stop with just trashing those junk files that clutter up and slow down your computer; these masters of downloads also are hoarders of hard drives that recycle more than you would think.

No matter how obsolete the part, information technology specialists can still find uses for them. They are capable of dismantling your old computer and reuse almost everything from keyboards to monitors. IT specialists repurpose the parts and with some tech magic they can turn a DVD drive into an external drive by simply fabricating housing for it. Most computer component that would normally get thrown away can be recycled, reused, and repurposed. The fans inside of a PC can be made into an air filter and some IT specialist even think outside of the software box and turn motherboards into jewelry and a hard drive platter can become one of a kind clock. So, think long and hard next time your computer starts acting up and you are considering throwing it out. Your Computer Technician might be able to show you other options to do than delete; after all they are garbage men as well as repurposing patrons.