Congratulations to Andy Gump of Andy Gump Inc.: 25 Years of Service

25 Years of Service

Congratulations Andy Gump!
Andy accomplished 25 Years of Service

Andy Gump Inc.

Details of the Recognition
Andy Gump Temporary Site Services is a Southern California success story with a five-decade history. Now welcoming the third generation into the business, our family-owned company still reflects the core values of our founder, Massena “Andy” Gump.
Your word is your bond.
Helping people is our goal, not selling a service.
Respect every person’s contribution. No position is more or less important than another; every job is important to the success of the company.
Be grateful for your blessings and share with others.
Never ask an employee or customer to do something you have not done or would not be willing to do.
Use debt sparingly and pay your bills promptly.
With God’s blessing, you have to be ready, willing, able and lucky.
Located at:
26410 Summit Circle
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

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