Congratulations to Bob Kelly of Flood Brothers Disposal: Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month

Congratulations Bob Kelly!
Bob accomplished Driver of the Month

Flood Brothers Disposal

Details of the Recognition
During his regular route last week in East Dundee, he came across a customer who had fallen out of his wheelchair. Bob stopped his truck and helped the customer, Rick, back into his chair. Rick, who lives alone, had taken his trash down the ramp at his house and accidentally fell over a bump at the bottom. Lying in a pile of wet leaves early in the morning, Rick was without his usual alert device to call for assistance.
“Bob deserves recognition. It’s a wonderful thing he did,” said Rick.

Bob has worked for Flood Brothers for three years and loves the family atmosphere. “Flood is truly a caring company,” he said. “Helping customers is just what we do.” As we reflect today on the sacrifices our servicemen and women give for our country, we all can contribute acts of kindness and service.
As we acknowledge our Veterans today, we’re pleased to honor Veteran Bob Kelly as Flood Brothers garbage truck driver of the month.

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  1. Way to go Brian!!

    Good looking out for the elderly. Your a good man for keeping an eye open where ever you go!

    Congratulations on garbage man of the month!! Keep up the good work!!


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