Congratulations to Bogdan Arwood of Western Germany Rubbish: Good Samaritan Act

Good Samaritan Act

Congratulations Bogdan Arwood!
Bogdan accomplished Good Samaritan Act

Western Germany Rubbish

Details of the Recognition
Bogdan W. was going about his work with two colleagues in Mülheim an der Ruhr when he saw the four-year-old Eden hanging from the window ledge of a second storey apartment.

The little explorer had managed to scramble out of the window but then found himself in trouble and hung by his hands from the ledge, eight meters above the ground.

Luckily for him, the three binmen noticed his plight and rushed to the rescue. While Bogdan’s two colleagues tried to get into the apartment, he stood below in case the boy fell.

“After a short while, the boy couldn’t hold on any longer and he fell directly into his rescuer’s hands,” the fire services said in a statement.

The boy was lightly injured on one arm. Once medics had examined him, he was handed back to his mother.

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