Congratulations to Curtis E. Agius of Trash Taxi: 15 Years of Service

15 Years of Service

Congratulations Curtis E. Agius!
Curtis accomplished 15 Years of Service

Trash Taxi

Details of the Recognition
When Curtis Agius starts talking trash, people don’t cover their ears, they listen. That’s because Agius, who jumped into the trash collection business just 24 months ago, says his business is booming — he started with two trucks, and now numbers seven and eight, at $140,000 each, are on the way.

Agius says the brilliant decorating he does on each new vehicle is the key to his successful image. “I call my company Trash Taxi,” he says, “because the trucks are yellow with chrome and checkers and have taxicab lights on top. It puts a prettier face on garbage. We’ve had an incredible response.” Agius even paraded one of the Trash Taxi’s eye-catching vehicles in the last Dream Cruise.

“We drive through subdivisions, kids just come out… to look at them,” he says. “Most people say they are too pretty to use for garbage.” Trash Taxi operates within 50 miles of it’s Troy base; 60 percents of its business is “roll-offs” – parking and then picking up dumpsters; 30 percent is “front load

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