Congratulations to Dane Ray Cummings of Waste Management: Good Samaritan Act

Good Samaritan Act

Congratulations Dane Ray Cummings!
Dane accomplished Good Samaritan Act

Waste Management

Details of the Recognition
A garbage collector picked up a 93-year-old woman Thursday who was left home alone as ravenous fires spread through Butte County.
Cummings loaded Newsum, who had no family in the area, into the big, green garbage truck. They were together in it about five hours as other people evacuated the area.

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5 thoughts on “Congratulations to Dane Ray Cummings of Waste Management: Good Samaritan Act”

  1. Wow, what an fantastic/courageous person you are Dane. You are the best and the very best garbageman I have ever had. It is such a pleasure to know you. My mom and I are in Tracy. Our house is still standing but ininhabitable. I’m going to FB you and let’s keep in touch. God bless, you are an angel sent from up above.

    Carol Clow
    14218 Wingate Circle

  2. Dane Ray Cummings, you are an Angel here on earth. In the bowels of hell on earth, you swooped in to save this lovely lady. This story has filled my heart and reminds us ALL how we should treat our neighbors. Bless you!!!!


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