Congratulations to Dani Sikes of Quality Equipment Management: Outstanding Leadership

Outstanding Leadership

Congratulations Dani Sikes!
Dani accomplished Outstanding Leadership

Quality Equipment Management

Details of the Recognition

Waste and Recycling Workers Week would like to say "Thank you!" for the excellent leadership you've given for the men and women in the waste industry. Through your support we are able to reach new heights.

QEM would like to recognize our Operations Manager, Dani Sikes.
Here is what our VP, Hilary Berman, had to say about Dani:
"Dani's dedication and profound understanding of our business have been the driving force behind our success. She knows this business inside and out and does an incredible job managing our teams. She always goes the extra mile – taking on a multitude of special projects and tasks.
She is creative and energetic in her planning and problem-solving – a true innovator who finds better ways for us to do what we do best. She's genuinely dedicated to establishing best practices that raise the bar for our team. Dani, you're an indispensable part of our QEM family, and we are so thankful to have you! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you for never losing sight of the goal of quality in everything we do."
Thank you, Dani, for everything you do at QEM! You genuinely embody our motto. "Quality is the Value. Excellence is the Attitude."

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