Congratulations to Dennis L. Krueger of City of Seymour: Retirement


Congratulations Dennis L. Krueger!
Dennis L. accomplished Retirement

City of Seymour

Details of the Recognition
I began working for the City of Seymour (Seymour, WISCONSIN) on Jan. 1 1974. I was 23 years old. This April I turned 65 and after 42 years of being a Garbage Truck Driver, I have officially retired. Yes that is FORTY -two!!

The end of an era. The City of Seymour will no longer be collecting the city garbage, they will now be contracting out for this service.

note: (The secretary from the Department of Public Works is submitting this, as she does not feel it is right that the city is not recognizing an employee that gave 42 years to them. Dennis is a simple man & does not know there even is such a thing as Garbage man appreciation day! The past few years have been rough for him as he developed heart & lung health issues, but he still came to work every day.)

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