Congratulations to Douglas Cox of Concord Disposal: Retirement


Congratulations Douglas Cox!
Douglas accomplished Retirement

Concord Disposal

Details of the Recognition
I started with company 40 years ago packing the can and then helping and learning all the aspects of the garbage industry, I learned and drove many trucks including semis in my career and working in the landfill. When the company started growing I grew right along with it. Later I became a supervisor and a dispatcher for the company. During that time I learned how to take accident reports, solve problems with customers and do all the orientations of the new employees . The company was very caring and good to me all those years it was a blessing having such a great job and a family I could go to every day. This job was very fulfilling in my life and now that I am retired I truly miss everyone. The Garaventa Family was the owners of the company they were the best. I got to see the children grow up in the family and become part of the business and then the grandkids which now becoming a big part also. I truly salute every man that works in the garbage industry like myself It is not a easy

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