Congratulations to Gary Hardin of City of Tampa Solid Waste Department: 10 Years of Service

10 Years of Service

Congratulations Gary Hardin!
Gary accomplished 10 Years of Service

City of Tampa Solid Waste Department

Details of the Recognition
Mr. Gary Hardin is an outstanding professional, colleague and leader who have worked in the Solid Waste industry for over ten years. Gary has exemplified a level of commitment to the department through his steadfast approach to provide waste collection for Commercial compactor and roll-off account holders including key and critical facilities such as: hospitals, sporting areas and Tampa’s tourist attraction areas. He is responsible for organizing the department’s semi-annual certified Roll-Off training; serving as a team-buddy to assist new hires in roll-off operations and support peers with on-the-job/refresher training. Gary is well received by a large number of customers who regularly go out of their way to recognize him for his exceptional service. He promotes team synergy through active listening, responding to organization change as opportunities for success and creating an environment of trust and credibility through his stewardship of waste collection for the City of Tampa.

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