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Congratulations George Roby Dempster!
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According to this history, garbage trucks began with horses pulling cars of stuff around. Then came modified versions of things like Ford Model Ts, which had only been around since 1908. These were way better than horses, but they were still little more than people throwing trash into the back of a Ford pickup truck, itself a pretty primitive, though effective, concept.

The idea of an enclosed trash truck, so things wouldn’t fly out at speed, was started in Europe in the 1920s. It’s actually kind of amazing it took someone that long to think of that, but anyway. The Americans thought of the waste hauler we’re more familiar with today, the external hopper truck.

But the reason these trucks surged in popularity was because of a man named George Roby Dempster.

The Fascinating History Of The Garbage Truck And The Knoxville Mayor Behind It
Dempster was from Knoxville, Tenn. and a businessman who made his mark in construction and road building before the Great Depression wiped him

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