Congratulations to Greg Belton of Apex Environmental: Good Samaritan Act

Good Samaritan Act

Congratulations Greg Belton!
Greg accomplished Good Samaritan Act

Apex Environmental

Details of the Recognition
Zippy the dog is lucky to be alive after jumping into a dumpster in Dilles Bottom, Ohio. Nobody noticed him, even when that dumpster was picked up and hauled across the county to the APEX Landfill in St. Clairsville.

It was only as the crusher was coming down, that one man noticed a little furry head pop up from the trash.

Zippy is happy to be home after a his big adventure on Friday. This four-year-old Chihuahua-Poodle mix was in with a load of trash brought to the APEX Transfer station, and the crusher was running.

“Tiny little creature, getting into a dumpster with eight or nine mattresses, five or six couches, quite a few T-Vs, and being dumped in a receptacle, and living,” said Belmont County Animal Shelter Director Angela Hatfield. “This little guy was alive, down in the dumpster, sitting on the couch.”

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