Congratulations to Brian A. O’Leary of O’Leary Group Waste Systems: Outstanding Leadership

Outstanding Leadership

Congratulations Brian A. O’Leary!
Mr. O’leary accomplished Outstanding Leadership

O’Leary Group Waste Systems

Details of the Recognition

Waste and Recycling Workers Week would like to say “Thank you!” for the excellent leadership you’ve given for the men and women in the waste industry. Through your support we are able to reach new heights.
Recognizing a void in the market for a service oriented commercial waste and recycling provider, Brian A. O’Leary, founder and CEO of Container Corporation of Carolina (CCC) and his son, Brian M. O’Leary, made the decision to reenter the commercial waste and recycling industry in 2009 with the launching of O’Leary Group Waste Systems.

With a highly experienced management team and dedicated to the same standards that made CCC one of the most respected waste management companies in the Carolinas for over 25 years, O’Leary Group Waste Systems is committed to the same core principles of integrity, professionalism and exceptional service.

O’Leary Group Waste Systems places high emphasis on recycling and sustainability.

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