Congratulations to Lee Conlin of Albuquerque’s Solid Waste Department: Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Congratulations Lee Conlin!
Lee accomplished Employee of the Month

Albuquerque’s Solid Waste Department

Details of the Recognition
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Every week, 3-year-old Tommy Cavanaugh anxiously awaits a couple of men who were regular visitors before and have become family friends now.

Little Tommy can’t wait for the garbage and recycling trucks to come rolling through his North Valley neighborhood.

“He took a special interest in watching our trash men outside,” said Cathy Cavanaugh. “In the summertime we did sit, put chairs out on the driveway and wait for Daniel and Lee to come by.”

Daniel and Lee are Daniel Martinez and Lee Conlin, drivers for Albuquerque’s Solid Waste Department.

“The first time I saw them his mom had brought him and his sister out and they were waving at the trash truck real friendly and they were going nuts for the trash truck,” Martinez said. “After that, it was every week.”

The highlight for Tommy apparently was being able to hear the horn. He even takes out the trash, including some of his neighbors’ trash.

The family returned the favor, making the two drivers ho

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