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Congratulations Marvin Sullivan!
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Details of the Recognition
Marvin Sullivan Refuse Collector who in July 1986 suffered severe injuries resulting from being hit by a drunk driver while he was empting a roll cart container using rear loading flippers. Injuries sustained by the impact of the vehicle itself, the rear loader and flippers. He was fully dressed in his PPE equipment safter vest, hard hat, gloves and saftey goggles. He survived his injuries after many multiple surgeries that included skin grafts and amputation of his right leg. After approx. 5 years of rehabilitation and being fitted for a prosthesis, he returned to work as a driver for the Pitch In Cointainer Service. The vehicle he drove was a pickup truck with a helper. He continued until he retired after 27 years of service from the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government- Division of Waste Management located in Lexington, KY.

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