Congratulations to Micah Speir of Waste Management-Seattle: Good Samaritan Act

Good Samaritan Act

Congratulations Micah Speir!
Micah accomplished Good Samaritan Act

Waste Management-Seattle

Details of the Recognition
Micah Speir, a Seattle-area garbage truck driver for Waste Management with a sharp eye, noticed a bank bag in a pile of trash while on his service route in November. Inside the bag was $12,000 in checks — and a slip that noted the checks were from a fundraiser being held by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Lawton Elementary School.

Speir was able to get in touch with the principal of the elementary school and return the checks to him. Moved by his integrity, Principal Dorian Manza offered to pay Speir for his kindness. Speir declined.

“The only thing that crossed my mind was who did it belong to and how to get it back to them,” Speir said to ABC News. “It doesn’t really take much effort to do the right thing. It was no sweat off my back.”

School officials, who needed the money to pay for school supplies and art supplies, call Speir their “hero,” according to ABC News.

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