Congratulations to Morton Weiner of Russell Reid: 25 Years of Service

25 Years of Service

Congratulations Morton Weiner!
Morton accomplished 25 Years of Service

Russell Reid

Details of the Recognition
The company operated locally until 1981 when it was acquired by then Mr. John President, Morton Weiner. Mr. Weiner maintained the Russell Reid name due to its recognition and excellent reputation in the waste management industry. Under the guidance of an established management team, the Russell Reid brand was nurtured and it began to grow. Business practices already in place at Mr. John were utilized to provide better services for the Russell Reid customer base. As a way to promote efficiency, similar customers were grouped together into categories and individualized services were implemented. Today, Russell Reid still provides specialized services geared towards Commercial, Industrial, Municipal and Residential clients.
Located at:
200 Smith Street
PO Box 130
Keasbey, NJ 08832

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