Congratulations to Nathan Binnie of Advanced Disposal: Good Samaritan Act

Good Samaritan Act

Congratulations Nathan Binnie!
Nathan accomplished Good Samaritan Act

Advanced Disposal

Details of the Recognition
In late 2014, Advanced Disposal garbage truck driver Nathan Binnie of Johnstown, PA, was collecting trash from a bin when he saw a small pair of eyes looking up at him.

Those eyes belonged to a Collie-lab mix, now known as Fawna, who had been described as “skin and bones.” Fawna had been left in the garbage bin after home owners had moved out of the house. Binnie quickly came to the dog’s rescue, fed the dog his lunch, and called the Humane Society of Westmoreland County.

“I pulled her out and made sure she was half okay, I guess as much as I could,” Binnie said to CBS Pittsburgh. “And I actually fed her my lunch. I could tell she was hungry and I had a good turkey sandwich I thought she’d enjoy. Gave her some water.”

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