Congratulations to Ray & Amy Litman of Litman Enterprises, LLC: 10 Years of Service

10 Years of Service

Congratulations Ray & Amy Litman!
Ray & Amy accomplished 10 Years of Service

Litman Enterprises, LLC

Details of the Recognition
Starting with just the two of them, working evenings and nights after their day time jobs, they managed 15 PJ’s as well as serviced septic systems. Their equipment consisted of a small truck with a 275 gallon slide-in unit and a larger truck with a 2500 gallon tank for septics.

Fast forward 7 years, there are now 9 other employees besides Ray and Amy. Their fleet consists of 2 septic trucks, 5 pj trucks, and a stake truck. During the year, they routinely service 450 to 500 portable toilets.

Located at: 14224 Energy Rd, Proctor, WV 26055

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  1. Ray and Amy. Congratulations to both of you on your impressive success. Please stay in touch. It would be great if we could get together again. Our E mail is: [email protected]. Our best Holiday wishes to you both. Jack and Arlene Satkowski.


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