Congratulations to Ryan Bailey of [email protected]: Job Advancement

Job Advancement

Congratulations Ryan Bailey!
Ryan accomplished Job Advancement

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Details of the Recognition
My husband Ryan S Bailey is whom I am speaking of, and he loved his job and worked as a garbage guy on the back of a truck for several years. From 1996 until 2014 Ryan worked at Waste Management and was promoted to residential swing driver then to residential supervisor by Rick Chancey who was the site's general manager. Rick was Ryan's mentor and role model for showing Ryan the responsibilities for both drivers and also the company. He then went to the progressive waste company and started as a residential driver then to frontload swing driver to commercial supervisor to route manager where he showed how to reroute the residential /commercial garbage routes for 40 routes with new trucks computer software and the result was able to bring the driver from a 6 day work week to a 5 day work week, kept all drivers under Department of Transportation regulation weekly driving time. He kept salaries for drivers the same which allowed a pay increase and at the same time saved the company millions of dollars and even more every year to infinity. All site management uses my rerouting model as a basis for all Florida routes for drivers and I just want to say that the garbage industry is of Great responsibility and its a lot bigger than people think and I don't believe that the garbage guys get the recognition they deserve and that the public should always treat their garbage guys like family because they are a huge part of saving this world and our environment.

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