Congratulations to Steve Shelafoe of Republic Servcies: Good Samaritan Act

Good Samaritan Act

Congratulations Steve Shelafoe!
Steve accomplished Good Samaritan Act

Republic Servcies

Details of the Recognition
A narrow escape for a little dog, a Chihuahua that somehow ended up in a dumpster and was moments away from being crushed by a trash compactor.

The man behind the wheel of the garbage truck noticed the dog just in time and rescued him, giving him a second chance at life.

In the short time, they’ve known each other, the pup and his rescuer have formed an adorable bond, but this story could have easily had a much different outcome.

Steve Shelafoe sees a lot of things thrown out, but nothing could’ve prepared him for what he found on his route.

“At first I thought he was just a stuffed animal, because he wasn’t really moving, and then as I stopped it then he jumped up on top and started walking around,” said Steve Shelafoe.

With no tags or identification, Steve says he nicknamed the dog Hopper, after the part of the truck he was found in. But this pup is really lucky.

“If he didn’t get on top of the trash like he did, he would have been sucked underneath, and that

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  1. A job well done. Republic Services has a valuable employee – dedicated,hard-working, and always “looking out” for safety.


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