Congratulations to Woody Donnelly of Anderson Rentals, Inc.: 20 Years of Service

20 Years of Service

Congratulations Woody Donnelly!
Woody accomplished 20 Years of Service

Anderson Rentals, Inc.

Details of the Recognition
Originally started in 1967 as “Handy House” building wooden portable restrooms as they were ordered, Anderson Rentals, Inc. has grown. Started by Raymond Anderson, and staffed by his wife and children, Anderson Rentals IS a family company. Raymond, or Ray as he was known, instilled some very important ideals in the minds of his children, namely, if you need something, do it your self.

From building wooden toilets to molding and building our own fiberglass portable toilets. Anderson Rentals has always searched for ways to make things better. This does not only apply to toilets. Anderson Rentals has constructed most of our pump tank rigs for our service trucks. We take great pride in our restroom and shower trailers that are hand built as well.

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