Custom Beds to Thrill Your Littlest Garbage Truck Fan

Custom Beds to Thrill Your Littlest Garbage Truck Fan - Waste & Recycling Workers Week

Each bed is customized to the individual child with style, size, color, lights, text, sirens, personalized license plate and just about anything else you can come up with. Made from cabinet grade wood and painted with low to no VOC paints these custom beds are easy to setup and require no tools. There are no nails, screws, or bolts used to assemble the panels that make up the bed.

Handcrafted Wooden Beds

With the advances in modern technology and the demands of industry, woodworking as a field has changed. The development of Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines, has made it possible to mass-produce and reproduce products faster, with less waste, and often more complexity in design than ever before. However, skilled fine woodworking remains a craft pursued by many and these beds are no exception!

In a world with so many massed-manufactured, big box products, there remains demand for hand crafted work such as furniture and art. With all our advances in technology, nothing compares to a carefully handcrafted piece of wooden furniture. Discover the handcrafted difference with a fully customized garbage truck bed.

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