Design the Perfect Garbage Truck

Design the Perfect Garbage Truck - Waste and Recycling Workers Week

Waste and Recycling Workers Week is just around the corner. This week long celebration is all about thanking your local waste and recycling workers for the hard work they do all year long. There are lots of ways to celebrate and show your appreciation, but there’s one fun and very cool idea you might not have thought of yet.

Design a Garbage Truck

Many kids love seeing their garbage and recycling trucks drive by, but do they really understand what they do? This Waste and Recycling Workers Week, talk to your kids about the service sanitation workers provide for your community. Consider what it would be like if no one picked up the trash and recyclables. Imagine the early mornings and rainy days. Knowing more about a normal day for waste and recycling workers is a great way to learn to appreciate the service they provide.

Wrap up the discussion with an activity. Draw or color in the ultimate curbside collection truck. What colors would it be? What special features would it have? When you are done, set it aside to put out during Waste and Recycling Workers Week along with a thank you note. Be sure to snap a photo of the drawing and share it with us on Facebook.

Bring Your Design to Life!

Before you give the drawing to your neighborhood waste and recycling workers, make a copy. We can use your child’s unique design to help design a fully customized garbage truck bed.

Each bed is customized to the individual child with style, size, color, lights, text, sirens, personalized license plate and just about anything else you can come up with. Made from cabinet grade wood and painted with low to no VOC paints these custom beds are easy to setup and require no tools. There are no nails, screws, or bolts used to assemble the panels that make up the bed.

Contact us today to learn more about owning a custom built bed!

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